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Real Estate Brokerage

Are you being treated fairly by your broker?

Done for you Marketing

We know all the tricks. Let our marketing experts help grow your business.

Professional Branding

Your image counts for everything! Let us help create a brand that is unique to your identity.

Coaching & Training

Learn from industry leaders

Real Estate Investment Network

Learn how to build your business through real estate investors.

Virtual Assistants

Help is here at your fingertips!

Cash is king

Build real wealth by adding to your regular sales commissions.

The Legacy Group International Offer

At Legacy Group International, we have built an exclusive community of professionals to assist in creating success and revenue never dreamed possible. You will gain access to experts' collective experience and knowledge in all sectors of the real estate industry.

Career Changing Benefits

Additional Revenue Streams

Earn 50 basis points on each closing Realize residual income Agent ownership in brokerage

Original & Unique Lead Generation

Estate Planning Offering for your buyers and sellers. Social events that attract Real Estate Agents Home Buyer Helper - “Make a cash offer with our cash!” Proven Marketing Methods

Expand Your Reach Internationally

Recruit Globally. Generate income streams in markets around the world. Collaboration and idea exchange with our world-wide partners.

Career Changing Benefits

Over 80% of realtors at eXp Realty are not attracting. There is no obligation to Recruit. Many realtors prefer achieving the ICON award ($16k stock award), the great tools, 50+ hours of live training, global synergy, and the ability to work from anywhere easily.

EXP is international and the largest residential brokerage in the world by market value with over 60,000+ realtors!

See charts outlined in this infographic to see estimated revenue based on various scenarios.

Via REGUS you get a physical office in many locations in your city. Visit to see all the offices near you. Complimentary coffee, WIFI, and lounge area at all locations in 3000+ locations!

Great, so were we before we joined, is it a bad idea to to be happier?

ICON status gives you $16,000 back in stocks and 100% of your commission with a nominal $75 transaction fee. With cascading revenue share and equity program, you can easily get back the difference to make up for the 100% commission while still enjoying KvCore CRM, Leads, Live Training, etc.

New agents get dedicated mentors and full access to eXp University for daily live training. We offer exceptional resources for new agents and focus on helping new agents reach their fullest potential from the first day!

EXPI is an established publicly traded company on NASDAQ that empowers agents to become owners through an open and transparent cascading revenue share model and equity system with international presence. Income is from services rendered in an established industry via a sustainable growth oriented synergistic model that gives more to the realtors because we are owners too! It’s the opposite!

eXp Realty’s flexible model allows for teams to grow and expand to not only their local markets but almost all the markets in North America and 13+ countries. You focus on building your brand and building an awesome team, eXp takes care of everything else! This includes liabilities, babysitting, training, intake, regulation, etc.

We have team incentives! If you qualify your team members pay 50% less in brokerage splits, and if you have mega team, then they pay 75% less in splits! Ask for more details!